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Professional Tree Services Equipment

Spider Lift

Our spider lift helps us get to areas that have limited access.  All we need is a 36 inches!  This machine is on a tracks,  and the lift lets us reach 83 feet high!

Spider lift small spaces

Bucket Truck

Our bucket truck is just as essential as our spider lift, the bucket truck can reach 60 feet!
Our lifts allow our Arborists to be safe and healthy, because they greatly reduce the amount of climbing
that would be necessary without them. 


bucket truck
grapple truck

Grapple Trucks
Our grapple truck hauls away the brush and wood from the job site.  It helps our team be more efficient and
protects them from the risks of feeding a chipper.



We use light weight loaders to increase our productivity, reduce damage on lawns as well as reduce the
amount of labor on our team.

Gentle on lawn loader

Stump Grinder

Our stump grinder is a Carlton, which is one of the best on the market.  Carlton is known worldwide for solid construction and innovative features making the most reliable and productive equipment in the fleet. 

stump grinder


We use special mats to protect our customer's yards from damage.  These mats reduce the impression of our equipment's tires and tracts on our customer's lawn.   We want your yard to look just as amazing  as you do when we are finished!

lawn protection
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